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This thin consistency adhesive is called Ultimate Bond for a reason. It has low fumes yet amazing retention which makes it highly favoured by master artists and newbies alike. Enjoy this flexible, weightless adhesive in a wide humidity range, 35-82% (favourable for all climates). Store in room temperature between 18-24°C. Our favourite 1-2 second dry time for quality, profitability and time managed application.  


Perfect for sensitive eyed clients and those who may be allergive to black carbon. 



-Ethyl cyanoacrylate




For best storage keep the lid on tight, burp the oxygen out of the bottle onto a nozzle wipe to avoid oxidization of the adhesive inside the bottle. Store in a cool (room temperature) and dark environment.


For professional use only. 5mL, clear adhesive.

Soul Mate (Clear Adhesive)

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C$15.00Sale Price

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