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  • 2018: TwinLash Classic Training (Toronto, ON)

  • 2018: TwinLash Volume Training (Toronto, ON)

  • 2018: BeautyxGeet Volume/Mega-Volume Training (Brampton, ON)

  • 2019: Shay Danielle Brow Lamination

  • 2019: Glitz Lash Studio Striplash Look

  • 2020: SugarLash PRO Lash Lift & Tint

  • 2020: Barbicide Certification

  • 2020: Barbicide Covid-19 Certification

  • 2020: Euphoria Lash Wet/Mascara Look 

  • 2020: Abramova Lash Studio Top Trend Styles - Wet/Mascara & Whispy/Striplash Look

  • 2020: LashMakers Lash Money - Finance, Entrepreneurship & Marketing in the Lash Industry 

  • 2021: Glitz Lash Studio Classic/Wet Look

  • 2019: DimeLashes x TanaLashes February Small Group Training (Waterloo, ON)

  • 2019: Assistant at A.Z. Beauty Co. March Small Group Training (Toronto, ON)

  • 2020-2021: DimeLashes x Lashes By Shan October Masterclass (Toronto, ON)

  • 2022: Lash Fest (Toronto, ON) - Key Note Speaker

  • 2023: Lash Social (Mississauga, ON) - Key Note Speaker

DimeLashes by Elora Do

DimeLashes was founded in June 2018 by now multi-certified eyelash artist, Elora Do. At the age of 19, Elora took her first Classic and Volume training course with TwinLash in Toronto, ON and then later furthered her training with renowned artist BeautyxGeet in Brampton, ON. With 5 years of experience under her belt, she has already made a huge impact to the local beauty industry.

DimeLashes’ core foundation is placed on the belief that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. A dime, meaning the highest rating on a scale of 1-10, is used to express how good something or someone is. At DimeLashes, we strive to provide personalized services and luxurious eyelash extension sets to all our clients to ensure that everyone feels no less than a dime when leaving our doors.



Through the DimeLashes lash artist training program, Elora wishes to share her passion, experience and knowledge to create a new generation of artists with unmatched level of technique, quality and professionalism. Elora hopes to inspire others (especially her students) to become their own bosses and achieve their own successes in the future to come. 

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