Want to speed up your learning? Having issues with hand placement and fan placement? Need to show clients new styles you’ll be offering without a live person? If you’re a trainer a realistic mannequin can come in handy for all of these things – lash application, removal techniques, lash baths…everything! STAY UP TO DATE WITH THE INDUSTRIES LATEST INNOVATIONS.


How is this mannequin different to traditional ones?
The eyelids come with realistic eyelashes of different lengths with varying density - just like how real lashes grow. You can practice applying eye pads and taping up lashes since the eyelids mimic the tension of a real client.

The entire head and removable eyelids are made of a soft, skin-like silicone material. Resting your hands on this head while you practice will give you a better feel of how much weight you can put onto your client's face.


Benefits of using a mannequin head:
- Work on navigating around the nose when working on your non dominant side (e.g., the left eye is usually harder for the right handed person)
-Speed up your learning and improve your skills faster
-Advanced or intermediate lash techs can use this tool to try new styles or techniques
-Upsell clients to other styles by showing them work you’ve done on the mannequin
-Practice taping and eye pad placement
-Practice fan placement
-Safely practice isolation
-Practice removals
-Get a better feel of how hard you are resting against your workspace and your client

Use a remover to remove the lashes once you are finished, do a lash bath and then reuse!


Available in 3 colors: light, medium and dark.


Comes with one pair of removable eyelids (2 pieces) with lashes. Extra sets of eyelids are available to purchase in a set of 1 pair or 3 pairs.

Realistic Mannequin

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C$70.00Sale Price

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