Montreal July 22nd Advanced Wet/Mascara & Striplash Look Styling Course




1 Day

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About the Course

Our Advanced Wet/Mascara & Striplash Look Styling Group Training is a 1 day course held on Friday, July 22nd, 2022 from 10:00AM-5:00PM (or as long as required to finish your model) with lunch included. This course is designed for lash artists that are already certified in Volume and want to further their lashing education. We cover advanced techniques of layering, texturizing, strip-lash looks, wet lash, mascara effect and much more. This course will help take your sets to a new level of artistic creation. A group course allows you to connect with other up and coming lash artists. Taught in both English and French.

Deposit: $200

Total Price: $700

A certificate is provided upon completion.

Course Content:

  • How to create a "wispy look"

  • How to create the "wet/mascara look"

  • How to create the "striplash look"

  • How to make narrow/wide fans

  • Layering/styling

  • Coverage

  • Taping Techniques for a fuller lash line

  • Close fans / "spikes"

  • Various lash maps

  • Pricing

  • Mixing curls

  • Tips & tricks

  • Sponge practice, Live model practice & more!

Training Kit:

  • 0.07D 9-12mm

  • 2 0.07D 13-16mm

  • 0.07D 17-20mm

  • 0.10D 13-16mm

  • 0.05CC 9-12mm

  • 0.05CC 13-16mm

  • 0.03D 9-12mm

  • 0.03D 13-16mm

  • Clear Adhesive

  • Super Bonder

  • Regular Glue Rings

  • Tiara Glue Tray

  • Gel Pad

  • Nexcare Tape

  • Lash Mirror

  • Isolation Tweezer

  • 2 fanning tweezer

  • Mascara Wand

  • Flock Applicator

  • Lash Tile

Elora Do & Lina Appianing

Your Educator

Elora Do & Lina Appianing

Elora Do is the owner and founder of DimeLashes in Toronto. Lina Appianing is the owner and founder of LK Luxury Lashes in Montreal.